What Is The FemCap?

FemCap Cervical Cap

What is FemCap?

FemCap is a cervical cap made of medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone rubber that is used in conjunction with a spermicide as a barrier contraceptive. FemCap is available in 22mm, 26mm and 30mm sizes and comes with a discrete carrying case that looks like a make-up compact.



Our FemCap Starter Packs includes a coloured guide in English,  a complimentary tube of either Gygel Spermicide or ContraGel Green (the natural alternative to spermicide), plus a vaginal applicator.



FemCap Highlights

There are many reasons why FemCap remains one of the most preferred cervical caps among women.  One of the best things about FemCap is that it has no effect on either partner's sexual desire or pleasure and allows users to enjoy more natural sex.  It is a safe, effective form of birth control that is easy to use and can be inserted hours before intercourse.  Therefore, it does not interrupt spontaneity.



It is inexpensive, reusable for one year and environmentally safe.  FemCap is made from a non-allergenic latex-free material and has an advanced anatomical design. 



On top of that, FemCap does not interfere with your menstrual cycle and allows your body's natural fertility cycle to remain in place. This also means that FemCap does not effect breastfeeding or breast milk.



FemCap comes with a discreet make-up container which makes transporting it a breeze!  Only through us will you also receive a free tube of ContraGel or Gygel and a free vaginal applicator provided with each FemCap kit.



FemCap Disadvantages

There are only a few disadvantages to using FemCap and these are rarely serious enough to cause people to discontinue use.  First of all, planning is necessary before engaging in sexual intimacy when practicing contraception with FemCap.  Therefore, if you know you're going to have sex or are likely to have sex, you must plan a time to insert FemCap before getting sexually aroused.  Also, because women are often unable to feel FemCap's presence, they may forget to remove it and leave it in for over 48 hours.  To avoid this, women should use a calendar to monitor insertion and removal.   Lastly, barrier contraceptives are slightly less effective than hormonal contraceptives.



 FemCap Cervical Cap

FemCap Sizes:

FemCap is available in three different sizes: 22mm, 26mm, 30mm. The size is determined by the rim’s diameter. 


  • The smallest rim diameter (22mm) is intended for women who have never been pregnant.  
  • The medium (26mm) cap is intended for women who have been pregnant but have not had a vaginal delivery.  
  • The largest (30mm) is intended for women who have had a vaginal delivery of a full-term baby.  


The only exception to these sizing criteria is if a woman has had a spontaneous miscarriage and/or she was not aware of it.  In that case, she would need the 26mm FemCap. If the woman and her doctor are unsure, they should use the 26mm FemCap to be safe.



Important Information

In order to be effective, Fem-Cap must be used in conjunction with a contraceptive gel such as Gygel or ContraGel Green.  A woman should not use FemCap if she has an infection in her vagina, cervix, or pelvic area or a cut or tear in her vagina or cervix.  You must read all of the instructions thoroughly, including the removal advice, prior to using FemCap. FemCap is FDA, NHS, Health Canada and CE approved.



It  is interesting to note that intercourse only has the risk of pregnancy for approximately 6 days per cycle during your Fertility Window. A healthy egg is only fertilisable for 18-24 hours and sperm cannot survive for more than 5 days inside a woman so that span of 6 days (5 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation) is really the only time when barrier contraception needs to be used for pregnancy protection. Click here to learn more about identifying your Fertility Window for contraception



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  1. Buy The FemCap Cervical Cap

    FemCap Cervical Cap for Hormone Free Barrier Contraception

    A latex free, cervical cap for hormone free contraception. The simple system of having only 3 sizes available means that you can decide the correct size yourself without having a fitting from your Doctor or Gynecologist.


    • 100% Natural Instantly Reversible Contraception. 
    • Totally Hormone Free. 
    • Latex Free. 
    • Vegan - Contains No Animal By-Products.
    • Over 10 Years Production History. 
    • American Manufactured. 
    • FDA Approved. 
    • Health Canada Approved.
    • EU / CE 0470 Certified.


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  2. Buy The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

    Femmy Cycle Single Size Menstrual Cup With A Non-Spill Design

    The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup is a single size, cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to feminine sanitary needs. A unique non-spill design allows for the quick and easy insertion and removal, and a clean, fresh feeling all day long..


    • Menstrual Cup Use Is Cleaner And More Hygienic Than Tampons and Sanitary Towels
    • Unique Non-Spill Design Simplifies Use
    • One Size Fits All
    • Smooth Design Make Cleaning Easier And More Efficient
    • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
    • Vegan - Contains No Animal By-Products.
    • Designed By Top Gynecologists


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