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RDO Medical supplies quality medical products to end patients, practitioners, PCTs, health authorities, resellers and distributors. Aside from our educational and social activities our aim is to have happy customers. We are not here to gain advantage through deceit, bad intent, misunderstanding or the unfortunate circumstances of our customers. For this reason, we would encourage you to contact us if you notice any incorrect information or any policy that does not seem fair or reasonable.  


This website is owned and operated by RDO Medical UK Limited referred to as RDO Medical for simplicity.


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RDO Medical is registered with the Information Commissioners Office in the UK (confirm our registration status here)

Our WEEE Producer Registration Number (PRN or WEEE number) is - WEEE/HG2094TS


At any point, placing an order where we are the supplier and you are the buyer means we are entering into a legal contract covered within the terms and conditions in this page and the associated pages listed above. Some websites operate whereby a third party accepts your payment but RDO Medical fulfils the order. In these cases it should be stated that this is the case at the moment of purchase and the third party would accept your payment, take on various legal obligations and issue you with an invoice. They would then become our customers when we accept to fulfill the order for them. 

Our Websites

We operate various websites which clearly state that they are operated by RDO Medical. The content, graphics, design and photographs are the property of RDO Medical and the result of a large amount of investment by the company and its employees. Exceptions to this may be where we licence the use of technology, photographs or text. We take measures to protect ownership of our content. We regularly check the websites and materials of our competitors to ensure the material we own is used solely by ourselves. Any unauthorised use of these materials will result in legal action being taken. We endeavour to keep our content as up to date and accurate as possible, however, due to circumstances beyond our control and the fact that information may change quicker than we could possibly update it, it must be accepted that we could never claim to guarantee the complete accuracy of our published content. We operate a common sense policy by encouraging you to contact us if you see anything you believe to be incorrect or incomplete.


Third Party Websites

There are many websites in which we collaborate and fulfill orders which are controlled by third parties. These parties could be marketing companies, resellers, collaborators or distributors for us promoting our products and services to their client base or patients. These pages should have this clearly stated on them. Whereas, we will inform these parties of any inaccuracies or gaps in their information we can not control what they do. If we deem them to be acting irresponsibly or inappropriately in any way we may choose to end our relationship with them. If you notice any such errors please feed them back to us via our contact page.