FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

6 Ways This Revolutionary Product Changes The Way You Think About Your Period

1. Protect Your Body

Chlorine, whatever chemicals make that material so unnaturally absorbent, and more plastic then you’d care to think about are all neatly packaged in that box of pads or tampons. This toxic cocktail then sits directly on your delicate skin for hours on end, month after month, year after year.


The FemmyCycle is made from medical grade silicone. That's it. Its collects, instead of absorbing menstrual blood, and can be safely kept in place for up to 12 hours. And the risk of bacterial growth and TSS plummets because the blood is never even exposed to air. Its not so hard to see why your body wants you to be choosing FemmyCycle.


2. Save The Earth

Its simple. Disposable feminine hygiene products add a ton of waste and chemicals into our environment. FemmyCycle can be used over and over again. Just wash and re-insert.


3. Hold On To Your Money

The average women uses 16,800 tampons in her lifetime. That's a lot of drug store runs and a lot of money flushed down the toilet (or placed in a container next to the toilet.) Get one FemmyCycle and you won’t have to spend another cent on sanitary products for two years!


4. ‘No-Spill’ Design

Managing period blood is never fun, but there is nothing worse then spilling the contents of a menstrual cup. The unique ‘no-spill’ funnel design of the FemmyCycle can be tipped on its side or even turned upside down without anything spilling out. This means no spills while removing the cup, and fewer leaks while the cup is inside. The funnel design also creates a suctioning mechanism that can actually help shorten the length of your cycle.


5. Most Hygienic Cup On The Market

Most cups have all sorts of holes, indentations, and grooves. FemmyCycle keeps it simple: no cute flower patterns, no funky colors, and no extra holes. So when you clean your cup you know its just that - clean.


6. Choose From 3 Tailored Sizes - Including a Low Cervix version!

The 17.5 capacity cup is perfect for women who have never been pregnant or have a smaller cervix and tighter vaginal canal. As your Gynecologist will confirm, age does not actually impact the correct size of a menstrual cup.


The 30ml capacity cup is the best choice for women who were pregnant or have a heavier flow. You’ll feel confidant knowing the your FemmyCycle won’t leak or overflow, and is still almost always completely unobtrusive.


And finally, the Low Cervix version is the answer for those with a low or dangly cervix. It still allows the full 30ml capacity, but is slightly wider and shorter for a secure fit without interference common from a taller cup.



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  1. Buy The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

    Femmy Cycle Menstrual Cup With A Non-Spill Design

    The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to your feminine hygiene needs. It's unique 'no-spill' design makes insertion and removal totally secure, so you feel fresh and protected all day long.


    • Cleaner And More Hygienic Than Tampons or Sanitary Pads
    • Unique 'No-Spill' Design
    • Three Sizes To Suit Every Need
    • Minimal Ridges And Holes For Easier Cleaning
    • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
    • Vegan - No Animal By-Products
    • Designed By Top Gynecologists


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