FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

Same Old, Same Old

no spill low cervix menstrual cup

Diva Cup. MoonCup. Lunette. Sckoon. Ladycup. RubyCup. Meluna. Yuuki. And more...

Here's the good news: menstrual cups are becoming mainstream. More and more women have realized that there are better alternatives for sanitary care products then pads and tampons. Better for your health, and better for the world.

But then the bad news: even as more and more cups are popping up on the market, they all have the same basic design. This means there is no real creativity in menstrual cup design, and no one working to dramatically improve the user experience.

Time For A Fresh Look

Deconstruct the menstrual cup to correct basic design flaws.

no spill low cervix menstrual cup
  • Wide top opening= blood can easy spill while removing

  • Narrow bottom (think of an arrow pointing down) = prone to slipping out of place

  • Air holes = hideout place for bacteria and hard to clean

  • Thick silicone material = creates an uncomfortable internal sensation

  • Long removal stem= difficult to grip for removal, uncomfortable

Introducing FemmyCycle

Raising the bar on menstrual cup design.

  • The ingenious 'No-Spill' funnel shaped opening means you can tip the cup on it's side, or even upside down, without any spills. This eliminates the dreaded mess while removing the cup.
  • Designed to be shorter, rounder, and wider then all other cups. The narrowest point is at the top, rather then the bottom of the cup, so gravity works with it to keep it in place. Because the center of the cup is the widest point, more of the silicone surface area hugs the vaginal walls, reducing the chance of it slipping. The rounded shape also allows it to remain a high capacity, despite being shorter then other cups
  • Don't be fooled by the lack of air holes on this cup. Most cups need the air holes for the cup to open up and hug the vaginal walls. But the air holes are hard to clean, and quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria. FemmyCycle does not have to open up completely to create a seal.The soft silicone of the FemmyCycle molds to the vaginal canal regardless of the cup completely opening. The cup then creates a suction to insure no leaks. (Added benefit - the slight pulling effect can actually shorten the length of your period.)
  • You'll quickly notice FemmyCycle is made from much softer and thinner silicone. This means it is more pliable, for a much more comfortable and secure fit.
  • Instead of the traditional stem, the FemmyCycle's removal ring makes getting your cup out much more secure.
  1. FemmyCycle - High Capacity Menstrual Cup With A Unique 'No-Spill' Design

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    Replace toxic tampons with a body-friendly and green solution for your menstrual care needs. The FemmyCycle menstrual cup features a unique 'No-Spill' design to make insertion and removal totally secure, so you feel fresh and protected all day long. This high capacity cup is perfect for heavy flow or overnight use.

    • Three tailored sizes ensures a perfect fit for everyone
    • Smarter design resulting in larger capacity, even with a low cervix
    • Minimal ridges and holes for easier cleaning
    • Medical grade silicone free of dyes or chemicals
    • Vegan friendly