FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

Femmy Cycle Menstrual Cup

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Menstrual cups have been around for years, but because of poorly designed products and a general shift towards any and all things disposable, the average women never even considers any other option besides pads or tampons for their monthly sanitary needs.



FemmyCycle changes that rhetoric. Ingeniously designed with the modern, on-the-go women in mind, FemmyCycle is spearheading a revolution in menstrual care. Environmentally friendly, cost efficient, totally safe and, believe it or not, the cleanest sanitary care option available, FemmyClycle just might surprise you. Read on to learn more.



A Clean And Sanitary Solution

For many people, just the thought of a cup that sits within the vagina and collects menstrual blood, that needs to be emptied and washed, is enough to throw them off the entire idea. But read on bellow to learn how no only is the FemmyCycle not unhygienic, in fact, it is more sanitary and will give you more security then the typical pads or tampons.



With FemmyCycles ingenious design, you never have to worry about leaking menstrual blood. Tampons can become over soaked, and pads can shift around and not absorb effectively, but the FemmyCycle hugs the vaginal walls creating a tight suction. It is so secure, it can even be left in place for an entire twelve hours without any fear of leaks.



The FemmyCycle features a unique award winning no spill top, that means you never have to worry about menstrual blood spilling over when you remove the cup. Your can remove it with confidence, even in a public restroom.



One of the most dreaded side effects of menstruating is period odor. Its embarrassing and lets face it, kinda gross, but until now, you thought it was unavoidable. Many products try to mask the smell, from scented pads to refreshing wipes, but the reality is, when blood and air combine, bacteria grows quickly creating an odor. Pads, and even tampons, absorb the menstrual blood in such a way that exposes it to air, only the FemmyCycle, that collects the blood without exposing it to air, will completely eliminate this problem.



Don't Throw Away Your Hard Earned Money

The feminine sanitary market is a multi billion dollar industry built to make you think you have no other option at that time of the month then to shell out money on their products. The catchy jingles and clever marketing has worked. The average woman spends close to $5000 on pads and tampons during her life - that's a lot of money thrown straight into the garbage.



But the FemmyCycle changes all that. No need to run out to the pharmacy and spend your hard earned money every single month. The FemmyCycle costs just 30 pounds, and can be used for an entire year, so although the initial cost is a bit higher then the average sanitary product, the long term savings are tremendous.



Save The Planet

The color green is painting our universe- and for good reason. Our quick paced modern lifestyles are taking a toll on the environment, and educated consumers like yourself are spearheading the efforts to turn the tide and reduce our carbon footprint.



You recycle, eat organic produce, and try to limit your dependance on disposables, but did you know that you alone will cause 11,000 pads or tampons to be heaped into landfills ? Enter the FemmyCycle. Its re-usable: you wash it, reinsert it, and then put it away until the next month. It's one little product that last a full 12 full months. How's that for Going Green!



Super Safe

One of the biggest fears of using tampons comes from the relatively rare, yet extremely dangerous occurrences of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Toxic shock is deadly, and is caused by a tampon that is left in place for too long disturbing the natural need for the body to expel menstrual blood. However, FemmyCycle works differently then a tampon, sitting much lower in the vaginal canal and collecting, rather then absorbing, the fluid. This means that Toxic Shock Syndrome can not occur when using FemmyCycle.





Question: Will the FemmyCycle irritate my sensitive skin?

Answer: The FemmyCycle is made from medical grade silicone that will not irritate your skin. No chemicals or dyes are used in the process, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.


Q: Will I feel the FemmyCycle while I'm wearing it?

A: Nope. If it is inserted correctly, you will not notice it at all.


Q: What do I do if I'm not home when I need to change the FemmyCycle?

A: No worries. Its only natural that their will be times you are not home and you need to change your cup, and the FemmyCycle twin packaging makes that easy. Just pour the contents of the cup into the toilet, wipe it down with toilet paper, and put it into the included carrying case. Then switch it for with the second fresh FemmyCyle. This eliminates the stand in the public restroom washing your cup, which could be just a tad bit uncomfortable.


Q:How does sizing work?

A: The FemmyClycle is one size fits all. The soft, flexible silicone is folded to insert, and then opens up and conforms to your unique shape to create the best fit possible.


Q: Can the FemmyCycle fall out if I’m too active?

A: No. If inserted correctly, the FemmyCycle will not fall out. The silicone hugs the sides of your vaginal canal, and will only come out when you tug on the removal ring.


Q: How is the FemmyCycle different than other menstrual cups?

A: The FemmyCycle’s award winning design is radically different than any other menstrual cup on the market today. There may be nothing worse then the thought of spilling a cup of menstrual blood, but the wide opening of other cups make the removal precarious. FemmyCycle features a unique no spill opening that will not affect the period blood entering the receptacle, but locks the fluid in place - even if its turned upside down!


Q: Why does FemmyCycle come in twin packaging

A: FemmyCycle comes in twin packaging so that when you are out and about, you will always have a fresh cup available. It can be uncomfortable to wash your menstrual cup in a public restroom, and if you have two, you'll never need to. Just empty the contents of the first cup into the toilet, wipe it down with toilet paper, put it in the included carrying case, and insert the second, clean cup. When you get home, you can wash the FemmyCycle in the privacy of your own home.


Q: How do I clean my FemmyCycle?

A: A quick wash with warm water and soap is all that is needed to clean your FemmyCycle between each twelve hour period. After your cycle is over, it is advisable to wash it with very hot water to sanitize it completely before you put it away for the next month.

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    Femmy Cycle Single Size Menstrual Cup With A Non-Spill Design

    The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup is a single size, cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to feminine sanitary needs. A unique non-spill design allows for the quick and easy insertion and removal, and a clean, fresh feeling all day long..


    • Menstrual Cup Use Is Cleaner And More Hygienic Than Tampons and Sanitary Towels
    • Unique Non-Spill Design Simplifies Use
    • One Size Fits All
    • Smooth Design Make Cleaning Easier And More Efficient
    • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
    • Vegan - Contains No Animal By-Products.
    • Designed By Top Gynecologists


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