FemCap FAQ

Answering your questions about the FemCap cervical cap

Remember, these answers have been published for information and orientation purposes only and should not substitute the thorough reading of the manufacturer’s instructions.


How It Works

How does the FemCap prevent pregnancy?

It's is simple concept with outstanding results. Place a silicone cap over the cervix to stop sperm from advancing to the uterus. Years of research went into designing the perfect cervical cap that would be comfortable, effective, and easy to use.

Why must I use spermicide or contraceptive gel with the FemCap?

The spermicide gel reinforces the physical barrier of the FemCap by increasing the suction effect onto the cervix. The extra spermicide placed in the brim of the cap adds an extra layer of protection to increase effectiveness.

Will the spermicide irritate my skin?

Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) spermicide has been sold over the counter for more than thirty years with an excellent safety record. FemCap is designed with a groove and a brim to hold the spermicide away from your skin to minimize the chances of irritation.

If you find chemical spermicide is irritating your skin, switch to a natural alternative such as ContraGel. Do not use the FemCap without a gel.

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Might I experience side effects from using FemCap?

If used correctly, are no known local or systemic side effects associated with FemCap. Chemical spermicides often cause irritation however, so if you have a reaction, switch to a natural spermicide alternative such as ContraGel.

Getting Started

Is FemCap user-friendly?

Yes, FemCap is very user-friendly. The average woman can learn how to insert and remove the FemCap in just a few minutes. During trials for FDA approval, the majority of users said they preferred it to the diaphragm.

Does the FemCap require measurement or fitting?

No, unlike diaphragms the fit of the FemCap is determined by obstetrical history rather then the size of your vaginal canal. Therefore, you can order the FemCap without visiting a doctor to get measured for size or to get a prescription.

Which size FemCap is right for me

Women who have never been pregnant will use the 22mm FemCap; women who miscarried, even after two week of pregnancy, or had caesarian section will use the 26mm; if in doubt it is safer to use the 26 mm FemCap. Women who have had a vaginal delivery will use the 30mm FemCap.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your size, feel free to email us.

How effective is FemCap?

The effectiveness of FemCap varies greatly depending on correct usage. If you are careful to place the FemCap correctly every time you have sex, the effectiveness is much higher then if you do not take the time to insure proper positioning. For this reason, there is a wide range of effectiveness rates amongst users, and it is nearly impossible to achieve final effectiveness rates.

One study showed one pregnancy amongst 85 women who completed eight weeks of the study to test the second-generation FemCap. Based on this study, the typical failure rate (Pearl index) of the second generation FemCap was estimated to be 7.6 per hundred women per year.

However, there are a lot of flaws with this study, mainly the small number of participants and the relatively short duration of time. It is estimated that FemCap would be able to achieve a much higher success rate if it was used properly and consistently. If used perfectly, it should achieve up to a 96%-98% success rate.< /p>

Follow these rules to insure YOU use your FemCap perfectly

  • Read the instructions carefully or watch the insertion video
  • Insert your FemCap before sexual arousal.
  • Be sure to use a backup method the first few times using FemCap until you have complete confidence that you have inserted it correctly.
  • Do not remove your FemCap until at least six hours after the last act of intercourse.
  • If you have more then one act of intercourse, check the position of your FemCap and add additional spermicide with your finger or a vaginal applicator.
  • If you do not feel you used your FemCap correctly (especially if you are within your fertility window), take an emergency contraceptive pill.

Intimacy With The FemCap

Will my partner notice the FemCap?

FemCap caps the cervix, which sits high in the vaginal canal, so it is unlikely that you or your partner will notice FemCap during intercourse. A very small percentage of couples, where the male has a large penis and the women has very low positioned cervix, may notice the FemCap.

Note that FemCap sits higher up inside the vaginal canal than a diaphragm, if you did not feel the presence of a diaphragm, you definitely will not notice the FemCap.

Is sexual pleasure reduced when using FemCap?

No, FemCap should not reduce sexual pleasure to either partner.

Condoms often break the flow of intimacy, but unlike condoms, FemCap is inserted before intimacy begins. Plus, it is placed deep within the vaginal canal so sensation is not reduced to either partner.

There is also less chance that your partner will feel the presence of the FemCap then a diaphragm. a diaphragm that is placed much lower to cover the entire space between the symphysis pubis and the posterior fornix, whereas the FemCap is high in the vaginal canal directly over the cervix.

Does FemCap interrupt spontaneity?

FemCap must be inserted before arousal, so we recommend inserting the FemCap if you think there might be a chance that you will be having sex later, so that you can keep you love life totally spontaneous.

What do more couples prefer, FemCap or a diaphragm?

In the clinical trials, seventy-five percent of women who have had prior experience with the diaphragm preferred the FemCap.

How To Use

How do I insert the FemCap?

This is a brief summery of the instructions for insertion of the FemCap and do no replace the manufacture's full instructions

Step One: Locate your cervix. You may find this easiest to do laying down or squatting.

Step Two: Place spermicide in the dome and groove of the cap.

Step Three: Fold the cap and slide it into your vaginal canal and up to cover your cervix.

Step Four: Place pressure on the removal ring/dome to insure the cap is adequately suctioned to your cervix.

Can I use FemCap during menstruation?

No, FemCap can not be used during menstruation because it would interfere with the natural flow of menstrual blood. Furthermore, because you are not fertile during menstruation, contraception is not needed to prevent pregnancy.

It should be remembered that intercourse only has the risk of pregnancy for approximately 6 days per cycle during your Fertility Window. A healthy egg is only fertilisable for 18-24 hours and sperm can't survive for more than 5 days inside a woman so that span of 6 days (5 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation) is really the only time when barrier contraception needs to be used for pregnancy protection. Click here to learn more about identifying your Fertility Window for contraception

How do I clean FemCap between uses?

The FemCap should be washed thoroughly with antibacterial soap and rinsed with tap water, then dried and stored in its container. The silicone material will not be effected if you chose to boil your FemCap to sterilize it, but this is totally not necessary. The medical grade sillicone used in FemCap is 100 times less adhesive then teflon, so no germs or bacteria will stick to it after a simple wash.

How often should I replace my FemCap.

It is recommended that the FemCap be replaced every year or sooner if it shows any signs of deterioration.


Is the cost of FemCap covered by health insurance?

Yes, if your health insurance covers birth control, then FemCap should be covered. Please consult your insurers for further information.

I have had intrauterine devices, a 380A Copper-T for two years before I had it removed (it was expelling) and I currently have another of the same model of IUD that will have to be removed soon for the same reason. So, my cervix has experienced dilation before, even though I am nulliparous. Would 22mm be suitable, or should I choose 26mm?

When you are in doubt regarding the FemCap size, you should use a larger size. Dr Shihata, FemCap Inc stated that the patient said she had lUD twice and her cervix was dilated, so the 26 mm FemCap would be a better fit.

I have had two c sections.  The first I went into labour and fully dilated with no resulting baby, ended in csection.  As I did fully dilate, should I use the large femcap instead of medium?

If you were fully dilated, then you should use the 30 mm FemCap.

I had a cone biopsy (conization) for abnormal cervical cell changes. Can I still use a FemCap?

Yes, a woman can use the FemCap after cone biopsy, as so long the procedure did not amputate the cervix.

In fact the FemCap will be protective to the cervix after cone biopsy.



I've never been pregnant and I've had both a mirena and a copper coil removed (I was allergic to the mirena). As part of the Hysteroscopy for my inter menstrual bleeding, I had the copper coil removed.  Should I still use the smallest size?

Your cervix was dilated twice to insert the IUDs. To be on the safe side, a 26 mm FemCap would be more appropriate.



I'm 47, have never been pregnant and have been using a 75mm diaphragm. I have very small hips. Which size FemCap should I use?

Hip sizing and diaphragm sizing are not relevant. Not having been pregnant would make the 22mm size correct.



If I can still feel where to put it in after being aroused is this ok?


No, Once you are aroused it can be difficult to place correctly. It also means the FemCap can be displaced easily.



When I put it in and then get aroused I notice the muscles around the brim cover over it so I can only feel the removal strap.

This is completely normal



A couple of times after sex I have noticed that I can then feel one side of the brim. Does this mean it has come loose?

No, the FemCap is designed to rotate depending on the position of intercourse.



Does it always have to be covered with tissue/muscle to stop sperm getting in or is it ok to be able to feel the edge of the brim?

It stops the sperm either way.



Does it matter if the long brim turns around and is at the front? Also when I pull it out it turns inside out - is this ok?

This is normal, the FemCap is designed to rotate depending on the position of intercourse.



I have NEVER been pregnant but I have had an operation for removal of uterine polyps many years ago. They operated by dilating my cervix. What size FemCap should I wear?

26mm would be correct in your circumstances.



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