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FemCap is the number one cervical cap on the market.  It is approved by the FDA in the USA, the EU and the NHS in the UK and has been distributed to hundreds of thousands of women internationally.  FemCap is a cervical cap that is used in conjunction with spermicide or a contraceptive gel as a method of barrier contraception.  It is an excellent alternative to those who wish to practice reversible contraception and are not comfortable using diaphragms. 


The FemCap Cervical Cap

FemCap starter pack

The FemCap cervical cap is the premier barrier contraceptive on the market today. Since it was first developed over 10 years ago, tens of thousands of satisfied users agree that it is the best choice for reversible barrier contraception. Barrier contraceptives are experiencing a revival as couples learn about the benefits of being hormone-free and are seeking a safe, natural, easy to use, and effective contraceptive option.


FemCap is a 100% natural, vegan-friendly form of contraception. It is hormone and latex free, and was designed to improve on both diaphragms that are larger and can be intimidating to insert, and condoms that interrupt the flow of the sexual experience and can break or tear.


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FemCap Features Simple Sizing - No Dr. Visits

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Does the thought of finding a Doctor who has the knowledge to accurately fit a diaphragm, and then actually getting fitted, make you feel just a tad bit anxious? Your not alone. Many women who are looking for barrier contraception, to use either throughout the month or during their fertility window, are put off by the hassle involved in acquiring the correct diaphragm.


There is no need to get measured and fitted when using the FemCap! FemCap comes in three simple sizes - small, medium, and large, and is based off of your gynecological history. If you've never been pregnant you'll choose size small, pregnant without a vaginal delivery and the correct size is medium, and if you've given birth vaginally you'll choose size large. That's it!


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Purchasing Your FemCap Is Easy
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Everything you need to start using your FemCap right away is included in the FemCap starter pack. It features one cervical cap in the size of your choosing, a tube of traditional spermicide gel or the chemical chemical free alternative Contragel, and a vaginal applicator.


Health professionals and pharmaceutical providers who wish to purchase the FemCap in bulk should contact us. All contact information is listed below.


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A Green Sanitary Product: FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup
femmycycle menstrual cup

If you are in the process of transforming your life by making chemical free, natural and sustainable everyday choices, take a look at the FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup. The unique no-spill design of this menstrual cup makes the switch from pad or tampons to a reusable cup easier then ever.


Think of the mounds of trash you can save over the course of your reproductive life just by making this one small change. It's green, it economical, and its super safe.


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