The FemCap Cervical Cap For Hormone Free Contraception

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FemCap sizing corresponds to the three possible cervix measurements, where diaphragms are measured according vaginal canal which can change size without you realizing it. Diaphragms therefore require refittings to make sure they are totally secure, FemCap des not. Even the Caya diaphragm is not a one-size-fits-all product, rather it fits a range of diaphragm sizes. So if you can't reach a doctor to fit you for a FemCap or diaphragm, don't worry, you can usually figure out your own FemCap size.


• 22mm if you were never pregnant.

• 26mm if you were pregnant but did not deliver vaginally.

• 30mm if you were pregnant and delivered vaginally at full term.

Sizing Is Simple


FemCap Cervical Cap

Make the switch to FemCap and enjoy the benefits of going totally au naturel immediately.

Unlike a condom, FemCap does not interrupt the intimacy of skin-to-skin contact.

Sizing is simple: 22mm if you were never pregnant, 26mm if your pregnancy did not result in a vaginal delivery, and 30mm if it did.

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Detailed Info and Support

FemCap FAQ

FemCap Cervical Cap Support

Comprehensive questions and answers, including sizing, compatibility, and effectiveness.

Detailed charts comparing FemCap to condoms and diaphragms to see if FemCap is the right choice for you.

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