The FemCap Cervical Cap For Hormone Free Contraception

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FemCap sizing goes according to your cervix. Diaphragms are measured according to the constantly fluctuating vaginal canal, and therefore require refittings to make sure they are totally secure. Even the Caya diaphragm is not a one-size-fits-all product, rather it fits a range of diaphragm sizes. If you can not reach a doctor to fit you for a FemCap or diaphragm, in most cases you can figure out your own FemCap size.


• 22mm if you were never pregnant.

• 26mm if you were pregnant but did not deliver vaginally.

• 30mm if you were pregnant and delivered vaginally at full term.



Sizing Is Simple


FemCap Cervical Cap

Frustrated by toxic and chemical laden birth control? FemCap is the natural birth control solution you've been searching for.


Unlike a condom, FemCap does not interrupt the intimacy of skin-to-skin contact.


FemCap can be inserted hours before intimacy and is usually totally unnoticeable to either partner.


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Detailed Info and Support

FemCap FAQs

FemCap Cervical Cap Support

Your questions about FemCap answered right here, including sizing, compatibility, and effectiveness.


Also check out our charts comparing FemCap to condoms and diaphragms to see if FemCap is the right choice for you.


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Natural Menstrual Care


FemmyCycle low cervix menstrual cup

Chlorine, plastic, and more chemicals then you’d care to think about are all neatly packaged in that box of pads or tampons.


Protect your health and the environment with a FemmyCycle menstrual cup.


FemmyCycle features a unique 'no-spill' design, and comes in three sizes, including a specialty Low-Cervix version.


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Natural Spermicide Alternative


Buy Natural Spermicide


N-9 is a highly toxic and harsh chemical —no wonder so many women and men complain of irritation from spermicide.


ContraGel is a 100% natural and vegan spermicide alternative. Used in conjunction with a FemCap, it creates the safe, effective, and totally natural birth control system you've been searching for.


Right now buy 1 for £15 or 3 for just £10 each. Act Fast.

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Made For Women, By Women

YES Lubricants

Organic lubricant

What could be better than luxurious products that make your most intimate moments even more pleasurable?


How about knowing that the brand you are supporting is playing a critical role in ethical and green consumerism.


YES lubricants are organic, vegan, and certified ethically produced.


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Intimate Hygiene And More

Pjur Med

cleaning a diaphragm or FemCap

Intimate hygiene products are often loaded with toxic chemicals and harsh disinfectants.


Pjur brand products are known for their innovative products made with only the purest ingredients.


Disinfecting Spray and wipes are perfect for using directly on sensitive skin, or for cleaning your FemCap, Diaphragm or other intimate products.


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